Several hinterland communities to soon access potable water

Georgetown, GINA, July 14, 2016

Residents of several hinterland communities including Mabaruma, Port Kaituma and Mahdia will soon have access to potable water.

Ramchand Jailal, Executive Director of Infrastructure Planning and Implementation within the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) said that at Mabaruma, Region One, GWI will be erecting a ground storage tank which will be complemented by the installation of a transmission main from the Hosororo falls to provide service to the community.

“We are also targeting the drilling of some new wells in Mabaruma under a new programme so as to ensure that Mabaruma receives 24 hours service.” To make this possible, Jailal said that GWI is working closely with the town council to ensure that all requirements are met. Mabaruma is one of Guyana’s newest towns, and government is working to ensure all its services are befitting of a municipality.

Port Kaituma, also in Region One will benefit from the drilling of a well at Oronoque. “A project has commenced to replace deteriorated mains in Port Kaituma. The ultimate objective is to deliver safe water to the residents,” Jailal stated. Mains will also be replaced, and this will commence in the following week.

Improving water supply in Mahdia, Region Eight is also on the cards for the water company. However, GWI has been faced with a number of challenges due to the actions of miners in the community.

“We have been plagued with challenges where the mains, the transmissions mains that comes from the Salbora creek …a lot of times the mains have been vandalised due to the need for water for mining activities,” Jailal explained.

Additionally, residents of Lima Sands, Essequibo, Region Two will also benefit from a well which will be drilled by GWI soon. “There is a shallow well that has deteriorated in the community where the residents used to walk and get access to that water.” He further noted that there is a nearby creek that residents use to access to water, however he added that it is unhealthy.

“The objective of this project is to drill a well and to provide service connections to each household in Lima Sands,” Jailal noted.

These projects are a part of government’s programme to ensure that everyone has access to potable water.