Social media link available for ERC National Conversation

– Guyanese urged to participate

The Ethnic Relations Commission, (ERC), is urging Guyanese social media users to access the links from its FaceBook page to follow and participate in the inaugural National Conversation on improving ethnic relations in Guyana. The zoom link for participants to register in advance can be accessed at:–rqD0jHta7XS90bcudPB2tBrJZTZM0

The link can also be accessed by visiting the NEWSSOURCE and Gordon Moseley’s FaceBook pages. The two-day event, the first of its kind in Guyana, runs from 9:00 to 13:00 HRS on December 14 and 15. From 6 to 8:30pm on the first day, a special segment will be held to facilitate the views and recommendations of young people.

Additionally, television viewers can watch the programme on TVG Channel 28, HBTV Channel 9 and HGPTV Channel 67. Radio listeners can tune in to Newstalk Radio 103.1FM which will live stream the conversation on both days.

The conversation will be launched with a general discussion on “How can we improve ethnic relations in Guyana”. The fully virtual forum, unavoidable due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, is intended to facilitate presenters drawn from Guyanese residing here and abroad and will reflect diversity.

The ERC hopes that the varying points of view of presenters and participants, can serve in some measure, as a blueprint for possible solutions on the related challenges that confront Guyanese of all ethnicities.

The Commission is collaborating with the Office of the UN Resident Coordinator and the University of Guyana in hosting the premier event.