Sport ministry launches music literacy camp

With the aim of nurturing the musical talents of the nation’s youths, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport in collaboration with Republic Bank is inviting interested persons to register for the ‘Right Start Pan Minors Music Literacy Camp.’

The training aims to provide a stepping stone for budding musicians, offering them the opportunity to learn the art of playing the steel pan and grasp the essential elements of music theory.

Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports Flyer

With its rich cultural roots embedded in the Caribbean region, the steel pan is an iconic musical instrument that has captivated audiences worldwide.

Through this programme, the ministry aspires to instill a love for the distinctive art, and create a platform for the next generation of steelpan players.

The camp provides an excellent opportunity for persons 11 to 18 years old to explore their musical inclinations, and embark on a journey of creative expression.

This pioneering endeavour consists of six camps, each aiming to host 35 students.

Youths playing steelpan

It ensures aspiring musicians are captured from different regions. Camps are set to take place in Regions Two, Three, Four, Six, Seven, and Ten.

The partnership between the Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Sport and Republic Bank exemplifies the transformative power of public-private collaborations in advancing cultural development and fostering an artistic community. 

Persons interested in participating in the programme can register at…/1FAIpQLScT…/viewform