Survival rate increases for hemodialysis patients receiving govt’s $600,000 support – Dr Anthony

The PPP/C Government’s move to support hemodialysis patients with financial assistance for treatment has been a success to date, with most beneficiaries already showing significant improvement.

Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony

In April last year, the administration rolled out its dialysis treatment initiative, where some 79 hemodialysis patients received cheques valued at $600,000 to help subsidise their treatment costs. 

More than 330 patients benefitted from the initiative last year. Similarly, the first payout for 2023 began in February and saw some 84 persons receiving the $600,000 cheque, amounting to some $50 million.

Patients began receiving their $600,000 cheque from government in February 2023

Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony on Friday reported that, “The doctors, the clinicians, have reported that they’re seeing better outcomes for these patients. Survivability has gone up, people are going to live longer because now they’re being dialysed on a regular basis,” he highlighted.
He said that an increase in patients has been observed since the programme’s roll out, and, “We [Ministry of Health] expectmore persons would come inover the next couple of months.”

Apart from financial assistance, the government in collaboration with its partners have expanded dialysis centres to several regions, which will allow patients to receive treatment in their hometowns.

Some hemodialysis patients who would have benefitted from the financial assistance programme in 2022.

A dialysis centre is now available at the Suddie Public Hospital in Region Two, New Amsterdam Hospital in Region Six and the Linden Hospital Complex in Region 10,

“The extension of this network has allowed patients easier access to dialysis and this is something that we’ll continue to work with various partners to make sure that people have ready access to dialysis if they need,” Minister Anthony explained.
Persons who are diagnosed with end stage renal failure can contact the Ministry’s Medical Treatment Department on 225-0113 for more information on how they can receive the financial assistance.