Systems for improved ferry travel to be implemented

Since the launch of the $6.8 million online ticket booking system for water transport called the ‘Ferry Pass’, the hassle and wait time of boarding vessels have significantly decreased and customers can expect an improved quality of service onboard the ferry.

This was disclosed by Chair of the Transport and Harbours Department (T&HD), Advisory Council, Rosalinda Rasul in an interview with the Department of Public Information (DPI).

Chair, Transport and Harbours Department, Advisory Council, Rosalinda Rasul

“We needed to make sure a system was created that allows for not just transparency but fairness in the way that everybody is able to get that equal opportunity to go onto the ferry. So, when the ferry pass was developed and launched it sought to eliminate all of that. Now three months later, we achieved our objective of eliminating those problems,” Rasul said.

Now that the T&HD has the comfort of people pre-booking a space online with the assurance that their space on the ferry is secured, it is now seeking to extend improved services on the ferry and the stelling, this year.

At the stelling, the agency is looking to implement a faster check in service for both vehicles and passengers.

“One of the things that we will be doing is looking at the scanning process of the tickets that are already pre-booked. So, when you get your boarding pass you scan and you go,” she noted.

Also, the weight scales for vehicles will be synced to an app which will be transmitted directly to the cashier for payment.

The stelling will have to be modified to facilitate a payment booth near the scales to ensure the system is seamless.

On board the vessel, T&HD is aiming to improve the canteen facilities for a more enjoyable journey.

In addition, a voice-over system will be implemented to broadcast safety protocols and pinpoint tourist destinations and sites.

The department is currently in discussions with banks to have a cashless system in place.

“So once that discussion ends and we have an agreement on the best way forward we will definitely be opening up the system to allow persons to use their bank cards safely,” Rasul related.  

Once implemented persons will have the flexibility to pre-book their space on the vessel on a 24-hour basis.