The weather approved Easter

Seawall and Marriott Beachfront packed

DPI, Guyana, Monday, April 22, 2019

Easter Monday celebration was better than last year, with favourable conditions, many seized the opportunity to enjoy the sunny weather for kite flying at the Marriott Beachfront. Both young and old were flying kites, while some relaxed under tents and others immersed themselves in the company of their loved ones.

Louise Boyer was one of these who was spotted swaying to music playing nearby while picnicking under a cool shade with her family. For Boyer, Easter in Guyana is all about families recognising the importance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Comparing her Easter celebrations last year to this one, she said, “This year’s Easter is so much better. More people came out today and they understand the significance of flying their kites. The children are enjoying themselves and I am enjoying the music as well.”

Many others like Boyer simply enjoyed the day out with their families. However, while some children utilised trampolines and others played games at the location, there were those who were laser-focused on raising their kites in the air.

The Department of Public information (DPI) team spoke to young Ishmael who isolated himself at a spot on the shore as he was carefully kept his kite airborne. Ishmael proudly shared that it only took him one minute to host his kite into the air. This year, Ishmael appreciated kite flying much more since last year, he did not have the chance to fly his kite due to the rain.

The team also met young Savitri Harilall, who was impressed with the scenery at the Kitty Seawall. “I am enjoying the day – beautiful sunshine, nice sea breeze and the people are nicely dressed. The children, the music, everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. This is how families should be enjoying nature and their holidays together.”

As the hours elapsed, many more people joined those who had already gathered. The day’s weather continued to favour kite flyers and picnickers. All in all, many agreed it was a better Easter this year.

Alleya Hamilton.

Images: Marceano Narine.