Three new wells for Region Three

GINA, GUYANA, Monday, January 30, 2017

Residents of Lust-en-Rust new housing scheme are set to receive potable water for the first time. They are among those who will benefit from three new wells which will be constructed this year, in Region Three.

The new wells are to be constructed at Vergenoegen, Pouderoyen and Westminster. The Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) will be spending approximately G$240 Million ($80Million each) on the three wells. Some 20,000 residents will benefit.

GWI’s, Region Three, Divisional Manager, Martin Garrick speaking with the Government Information Agency (GINA)

Divisional Manager, of GWI in Region Three, Martin Garrick, told the Government Information Agency (GINA), that the well at Westminster will benefit the residents of Lust-en-Rust new housing scheme.  He said that the scheme has been without water for some time and that through the intervention, GWI is seeking to bring them into the network.

The well at Westminster will also increase the level of service for the residents at Onderneaming, Parfaite Harmonie and Westminster, he added.

The Pouderoyen and Vergenoegen wells will be located at the individual water treatment plants. Garrick explained that they will increase the capacity of the plants to deliver treated water to the communities.

The Pouderoyen well will increase the level of service from Nouvelle Flander to Goed Fortuin.

The Vergenoegen well caters for increased capacity for the residents of Vergenoegen, Tuschen, Zeelust, Parika, Barnwell and other nearby communities.

The wells are expected to be completed by mid-October.

In addition to the construction of the wells, a transmission line from the existing Cornelia Ida well to the Fellowship Water treatment plant will also be installed in 2017.

This project is expected to cost the government an additional $30 Million. It will increase the level of water service from the Fellowship Water treatment plant to residents between Den Amstel and Harlem.

Meanwhile, GWI plans to spend an additional $100 million this year on over 30 minor existing projects in the region

Garrick explained that these projects cover a range of interventions planned by GWI ranging from the expansion of internal networks to the rehabilitation of several wells including those at Best, Fellowship and Canal Number Two.

Garrick explained that these interventions are critical for the continuity and reliability of water service to the GWI customers and residents in Region Three.


By: Macalia Santos