Tourism experience boosted with introduction of four new products

Tourists can now look forward to a new, all-encompassing tourism experience with the introduction of the Guyana Tourism Authority’s four new experiential products.

The experiences, “A Day in The Country”, “Yoga, Breakfast, and Nature Walks”, “New Amsterdam Heritage” and “Kopinang Falls” offer an immersive experience inclusive of nature, cuisine, and a number of outdoor activities.

Owners of Azure Experiences, Brian and Adrienne ‘Annie’ Gomes, leading audience members in Yogic breathing exercises on Tuesday

These range from hiking to yoga and exploring nature trails.

Introducing their tourism product, facilitators of “Yoga, Breakfast, and Nature Walks” and “Kopinang Falls”, Brian and Adrienne ‘Annie’ Gomes, stated that their aim is to create an environment in which being Guyanese is not just an identity, but an experience.

“What we are crafting here goes beyond the description of tours. We are crafting experiences that will stay with people for generations. At our core we love what we do, and we believe that these experiences are here to create a positive and powerful impact on our nation’s growth and overall economic development,” Gomes expressed.

Through their tourism company, Azure Experiences, the couple seeks to boost the tourism sector in a unique, healthy and sustainable manner, while creating an unforgettable experience for their customers.

Representative of Touring Guyana, Shivana Golchin introducing the tourism products

“Our theme, generally, is ‘more than a tour, it’s an experience’. We believe that when you come and experience what we have to offer here at Azure Experiences, you will go away with something that is not just ‘oh I went to see this, oh I went to see that’. It goes beyond that. You get to connect with the moment. You get to connect with the people, the culture, and you get to connect with the entirety of the experience,” Gomes said.

Meanwhile, representative of Touring Guyana, Shivana Golchin in introducing “A Day in The Country” and the “New Amsterdam Heritage” tour, explained that the tours give visitors a taste of the countryside; covering Guyana’s history, culture, nature, farming, food, and some games.

“These tours take you out of the busy Georgetown and into the relaxing countryside, ”she noted.

“A Day in the Country” features some of the major landmarks in the countryside, including the historic Victoria Village—the first village purchased by slaves after they gained their freedom, the Chateau Margot Chimney, the Enmore Martyrs’ Monument, the mangrove conservation areas near the seawalls, and the Guyana Women’s Leadership Institute (GWLI).

Audience paying keen attention to the presentations

“One of the main focuses of this tour is the mangroves, and here persons will be able to learn about the types of mangroves, their importance to us, especially on the coast; its habitat, and activities that you can do there, which includes bird-watching,” Golchin noted.

The “New Amsterdam Heritage” tour, however, takes tourists along the East Coast of Demerara, and into the ancient county of Berbice, to the historic town of New Amsterdam.

Aside from learning of the county and country’s rich history, tourists will also be able to indulge in Guyana’s diverse culture with food, music and storytelling from local legends like Ms Stephanie Bowry, author of True-True Story Volumes one through four.

Similar to “A Day in the Country”, the tour will take travellers to and from a number of historical sites that will edify them on Guyana’s history.