Transforming Guyana – One term cannot fix decades of damage

“One good term deserves another” – Min. Ferguson

DPI, Guyana, Friday, July 12, 2019

Minister within the Ministry of Communities, with responsibility for Housing, the Honourable Annette Ferguson has said the Coalition Government is working to repair the 23 years of damage wrought by the opposition.

According to the minister, the opposition should not be allowed to return to government since such a move would be damaging to all of Guyana.

She was at the time addressing residents of Herstelling, East Bank Demerara (EBD), who were deeply concerned about the affairs of their community. Residents expressed disappointment with the Herstelling/Little Diamond Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC).

Minister Ferguson expressed that the opposition continues to manipulate many of the NDC’s that they won at the Local Government Elections (LGE). Of the 18 councillors at this NDC, 16 are representatives of the political opposition. Residents said that those councillors have refused to support development in the communities they represent. They also called for an audit of the NDC.

The minister boasted of the transformation which occurred under the Coalition government, foremost of which is the restoration of local democracy. She expressed that the Coalition’s track record should speak for itself when the Guyanese people are ready to select, at the next General and Regional Elections, who they have confidence in transforming the country – a transformation that began four years ago. However, she emphasised, this can only happen if residents ensure their names are on a clean voters’ list.

 “One good term deserves another,” she told the Herstelling residents.

Minister Ferguson was joined by Minister within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, the Honourable Jaipaul Sharma and Director of Sport, Christopher Jones.

Minister Sharma said the community, which began as a squatting community 64 years ago, was deprived of infrastructure for decades. He said the government is currently addressing this situation.

Images: Kawise Wishart