Transportation, first-time electricity, improved education and health services for Region One

With some $546 million allocated for the development of healthcare and education in Region One, residents will continue to benefit from improved public services.

This assurance was given by Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Nigel Dharamlall during the Consideration of Estimates on Wednesday in the Parliamentary Committee of Supply.

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Nigel Dharamlall

The minister highlighted several interventions the residents of region can anticipate, including the distribution of boats and outboard engines to assist with the transportation of students to and from schools.

Some of the areas to benefit include St. Nicholas, Santa Cruz, Kwebanna, St. Bede’s Mission, Kariakau and areas along the Barama river.

“We are practically providing transportation for all of the school children in the riverain areas of Region One. That’s a commitment of President Ali,” the minister underscored.

To ensure students and teachers have a comfortable learning environment, a number of infrastructural works will also be undertaken in the Barima- Waini region.

The villages of Morawhanna, Smith creek, Oronoque, St. Peter and St. Paul will benefit from the construction of new schools. With this intervention, students within these communities will no longer have to travel long distances to get to school.

The rehabilitation of the Santa Rosa Primary school is expected to be completed, along with the extension of the Kamwatta, Waramuri and Kwebanna primary schools.

Some $150 million was also budgeted for the completion of the education office at Oronoque and Santa Rosa Primary School.

To further enhance the health sector within the region, Minister Dharamlall outlined the plans for several health centres and hospitals.

Notably, the completion of Arakaka, Assakata and Kariakau health centres and the maternal waiting home at the Mabaruma Hospital.

Construction of health huts at St. Anselm, Hosororo and Chinese Landing.

A living quarters will also be constructed at Chinese Landing, White Water, Koriabo and the Mabaruma Hospital.

In addition, $80 million was budgeted for the purchase of medical equipment within the region to cater for more patients and a further $23 million for water ambulances, buses and ATVs for emergency care.

“I’d like to report that we are now doing surgeries, not outreach surgeries but in house theatre surgeries at both the Kumaka District Hospital and the Mabaruma District Hospital,” Minister Dharamlall disclosed to the committee.

Over 60 persons were able to have their surgeries successfully done.

Complementing the developments in the health and education sectors, will be the construction of new roads and improved electricity distribution.

“For the first time, we will have roads heading from Mabaruma to Wauna… concrete roads from Kumaka Waterfront in Moruca to Kwebanna,” the minister said.

The construction of these roads will also lead to the employment of over 100 residents.

The minister said $80 million was budgeted for the upgrading of electricity distribution networks at Mabaruma, Barabina and Kumaka.

Notably, villages such as Yarakita will now benefit from electricity for the first time.