Under Coalition piracy, smuggling greatly reduced

President David Granger vows to eliminate scourge

―Regional Action Plan for Security on the cards

―aviation wing for police force

DPI, Guyana, Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Continuing on its successful record of curbing the high incidences of piracy on the Corentyne river, His Excellency President David Granger today said that his new government will bring a complete end to the robberies at sea.

Under the previous administration, piracy on the Corentyne water was at an all-time high. Hundreds of Guyanese fishermen perished at the hands of their attackers. It was under the Coalition Government and a rigorous Public Security sector, that the incidences have been made almost nonexistent.

After two months of election campaigns, the Coalition today took its rally to the Scottsburg Community Centre Ground at Corriverton, where again thousands thronged.

President Granger’s message to the agriculture region encompassed his plans to put an end to piracy and smuggling.

“From the time we got in, there were so many piracy attacks. Housewives didn’t know if their husbands were coming back home, fishermen didn’t know if they would see their wives again,” the President told the crowd.

Understanding the gravity of the situation, the president said the government commenced a “rigorous” programme of maritime patrols, which saw a significant decline in the crime.

Moving ahead, the President declared that his government will improve maritime police presence to ensure the rivers and coast are patrolled. This he said will put a significant dent on all forms of cross border smuggling.

The new aviation wing for the Guyana Police Force (GPF) will also tighten security in the region.

The Regional Action Plan for Security (RAPS) will create a safe place in the region for housewives, and stave off criminals, the president predicted.

The Head of State said the “great region,” with its three towns, is a commercial powerhouse. However, like other regions and communities, it remains stagnant because of political of forces. To this end, he again urged residents to change the face of the region through their votes for the Coalition, come March 2.

“We could do better; we would move this region further and faster. Regionalisation is changing the face of the region. The vote on March 2 will be a vote for a planner, a man that initiated the decade of development,” he said.

President Granger said development funded by petroleum revenues will move the region further.  “It is your money; it is your oil I see prosperity coming to region six. Let us try to regain the economic power of this region,” the President stated.

The government’s Rural Agricultural Infrastructure Development (RAID) for which a minister was specially appointed, has been making significant headway in areas like region six.  President Grangers said cash crop and rice farmers have been benefitting from the programmes.

The Head of State promised that his new RAID minister will ensure that drainage and irrigation are fixed and ensure that economies of the more than 205 farmers in the region, are strengthened.