Vaccinated teens welcome the reopening of schools

As the countrywide adolescents’ vaccination campaign continues, teenagers have encouraged face to face learning, even as they urge their peers to get inoculated against the deadly Coronavirus. 

The collaborative effort of the Ministries of Education and Health ensures the immunisation of adolescents between the ages of 12 t0 17 in preparation for the reopening of schools.

Teen receiving the vaccine at the Soesdyke Secondary School

On Monday, DPI visited the vaccination hubs at the Soesdyke, Friendship and Covent Garden Secondary Schools on the East Bank of Demerara.

At the Soesdyke hub Alana Budhai, was the first teen to receive the Pfizer first dose. She encouraged her peers to get vaccinated so that they can safely return to schools.

“It’s very important to take the vaccine. Even as we are fifth formers now, it is important to come out to school and have the face-to-face interactions. Teens should think about others coming out too to keep ourselves protected from the Covid.”

Alana Budhai was vaccinated at the Soesdyke Secondary School

Other adolescents who received the vaccine also welcomed the reopening of schools.

Sheleni De Freitas said the learning process is better compared to online learning.

“I encourage the rest of students out there to come and get their vaccine. Because I really want face-to -face learning. Online work you don’t really get good teaching like face-to-face learning.”

Sheleni De Freitas was vaccinated at the Soesdyke Secondary School

Shakira Farley shared similar sentiments.

“Not getting vaccinated you will have to stay at home and do online. And online doesn’t really like give you what you really need for school. So, I think you should get vaccinated and go back to school.”

Shakira Farley was vaccinated at the Soesdyke Secondary School

Reya Singh urged her peers to get vaccinated so that they can socialise safely at school.

“I feel great because I know I am protected in a way against the virus and I know I will be able to come out to school and socialise with my friends and still be protected and be protecting them. Anyone who is hesitant to take the vaccine don’t be, you should take the it. It is going to protect you, it’s going to protect your friends, your family, your loved ones and if you are not doing it for you do it for them.”

Meanwhile, several parents who accompanied their children expressed their appreciation towards the reopening of school.

Mother and child vaccinated

Valencia Tiwari says her children are excited to return to school.

“I think it is safe to come back to school and I encourage a lot of children out there to get vaccinated because I know my children are glad to be back in the class because it is one year now since they are away on online classes and I think, I feel proud about it because I am a vaccinated mother too.”

Priya Kishon encourages everyone to get immunised.

“For her safety, for when she comes school everything is safe for, she. Me encourage all body to take the vaccine.” Parents interested in getting their children vaccinated can access the consent and indication checklist through the Ministry of Education’s website.