Waterloo CPG creates women’s arm

to empower women

Fifteen women have formed a women’s arm to the Waterloo Community Policing Group (CPG) in Mahaica-Berbice (Region Five) to empower women and reduce domestic violence and other crimes.

The sub-group aims to create a safe space to share crime-related information with the main CPG, and to encourage women to take a hands-on approach in crime reduction.

The women’s group is expected to embark on a mask-making project before year end to combat COVID-19.

Some of the members of the women’s group of the Waterloo CPG

Meanwhile, CPG Public Relations Officer Mr. Dave Danny said there are ongoing outreaches to revamp the voluntary organisation. He said a five-year hiatus in the CPGs prompted outreaches in search of women and youths who are willing to join in a collective effort to reduce crime.

Additionally, Minister of Home Affairs, Hon. Robeson Benn, has mandated an administrative team to host a nationwide mobilisation to stimulate interest in keeping communities safe and providing needed resources. Earlier this month, the Ministry of Home Affairs launched a reconstituted CPG programme with a focus to rebuild, boost membership and regain trust within communities to combat crime.