“We are not a lawless state and this is not a rogue government”-President Granger

─ “democracy must not be rushed”

DPI, Guyana, Saturday, June 13, 2020

His Excellency President David Granger has firmly asserted that Guyana is a country with laws and that his government has obeyed the laws governing the country’s election process.

“We are following the law. The election commission is following the law of the courts and is bound to follow the law of the constitution. We know what we are doing and we are not a lawless state and this is not a rogue government.”

The Head of State made the statement while appearing on the radio show “Straight up” Friday evening.

He reminded that at every stage he has abided by the constitution of Guyana. “I have paid attention to the courts and I have said that I will abide by the ruling of the Elections Commission.”

The recount of the ballots cast in the March 2 elections is a four-stage and the President has described the outside commentary on the ongoing process as “reckless and premature”.

President Granger said people are being misled into believing the process is over and called on everyone to allow the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) to do its work.

However, he noted that it is impossible to ignore that there is an abundance of evidence that certain elements have tried to manipulate the outcome of the elections.

“There are too many anomalies to be ignored. That is the reason for the recount, that is the reason why CARICOM is here, that is the reason we have had to wait over 100 days to get a report. We will continue to wait, we are patient because democracy must not be rushed, the people must be satisfied that the outcome is not fraudulent.”

The recount process is at the second stage which will see the Chief Elections Officer compiling a report based on the tabulations and observation reports. The observation reports the President said will highlight every irregularity emanating from the tabulation process that has affected thousands of votes.

Additionally, the CARICOM team who have observed the process as agreed to by both President Granger and the Opposition Leader will also submit a report which “has to be considered.”

The Head of State again reminded that upon completion of the second stage, there will be a review of the report by both the CEO and CARICOM by the Elections Commission. After that is completed, a declaration of the results will be made by the Chairperson of GECOM after she has studied the report.

President David Granger has not brushed aside the idea of the elections being nullified stating that “it is a possibility because of the large number of anomalies and irregularities.”




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