“We are not going back”

―OPM legal advisor Tamara Khan tells massive women rally

DPI, Guyana, Thursday, February 27, 2020

Guyanese women have recommitted to remain steadfast with the Coalition and its leader His Excellency President David Granger. And on March 2, will take the lead and reelect him to office.

The charge was given by Legal Advisor in the Office of the Prime Minister, Tamara Khan when she addressed the Coalition’s women rally at Parade Ground, Georgetown this evening.

Khan was the first of several high-ranking female speakers to address the massive all-women rally, and her message was clear – Guyanese women will never return to the turbulent days under the PPP.

Chorusing “David G and me, forward together for victory,” Khan said there could not be a better life for Guyanese, than that which is offered by the APNU+AFC and President Granger.

“Sisters, this is only the beginning. This beloved country of ours will become an educated nation. President Granger will lead us into the decade of development with compassion, with vision and not with the self-interest we saw over the last 23 years.  We have got to embrace where we are headed and we cannot forget where we have come from.  We will stay with David Granger,” she proclaimed.

She recalled that when APNU+AFC took office, pensioners were receiving a mere $7,500 per month.

“We are not going back to that. In less than four years, pensioners have received almost 200 percent increase.”

Teachers and nurses and all public service salaries she stated have been increased by 70 percent in less than four years.

Sweeper cleaners under this administration are now receiving the minimum wage of $70,000 from $39,000 four years ago.

University education she reminded, will also be free again under President Granger.

She spoke of the President’s Public Education Transportation Service (PETS) and the Public Education Nutrition Service (PENS), which continue to benefit thousands of children and ease the pockets of parents countrywide.

This she said, is enough to return the government to office. To this end, she charged all women to ensure that everyone in their households, streets and communities go to the polls.