“We want young Guyana to emerge better and stronger, so your stories have to be an inspiration to others” – President Ali

-pleased with youths’ progress in block making project

President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali on Tuesday afternoon encouraged participants of the Central Housing and Planning Authority’s (CHPA) Community-based Employment Stimulation Project (CESP) to continue striving to be their best, as their success can be an inspiration to others.

President Ali addressing participants of the block-making programme

“You have to work together as young people, build a company… We want you to be a critical part of this changing environment, also. But remember that your stories have to be an inspiration for other young people. We want young Guyana to emerge better and stronger, so your stories have to be an inspiration to others, in every community,” the president encouraged.

CESP, which is a commitment of President Ali, was conceptualised in 2021 to boost economic activity and job creation for persons living in vulnerable areas, or who are part of vulnerable groups.

A participant of the block-making programme

During a visit to the block-making programme in Leopold Street, Georgetown, where the programme is being taught, Dr Ali told youths who were constructively engaged to use the experience to better themselves by embarking on business ventures.

He urged them to inspire others to join training workshops to help develop themselves and their communities.

“You have this opportunity of not only doing something for yourselves, your family, and your community but an opportunity to be an inspiration for other communities, other young people to take young people out of their situations. From day one that is what I told you we want. A new beginning. We want to demonstrate that all of us have the ability to be positive developers for our country. I just want you guys to remember that,” he said.

Concrete blocks made by Leopold Street youth

The head of state implored younger persons to attend school, and appealed to those who want to become actively involved in the workforce to ‘get on board’.

“Part of what you’re doing is to give back to the community. I want you guys who made the effort to come forward, to help others. Talk to them, reason with them to come on board…Because [the] more people on board, more families are better, [and] more lives are improved. And then your story will be a very, very inspirational story for everyone.”

Minister within the Ministry of Public Works, Deodat Indar, who accompanied the president expressed admiration for the youths’ work ethic, noting, “These young fellows are very willing, very hardworking. And that gives you encouragement to work with them. They are very willing.”

The project scope includes start-up support, tools, materials, transportation, market sourcing for blocks, and project management.

It is one of the many ventures which the government has embarked on to ensure the upskilling of Guyanese across several sectors, to fill gaps that exist in the labour force, as well as help Guyanese to learn valuable skills and improve their financial situations.