‘We will continue to work with you’ – Min Edghill tells Mocha/Arcadia

Residents of Mocha /Arcadia, East Bank Demerara have been assured by Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill, that the government remains committed to the development and livelihood of all Guyanese.

Addressing residents during a community at the Mocha Community Ground, Minister Edghill said the government wants to bring resolutions to residents’ concerns.

Public Works Minister, Bishop Juan Edghill with one of the residents of Mocha Arcadia

“Whenever we come out in meetings like these, and we engage people, it enlightens us of what are the real felt needs of the people. And in a cordial conversation, you can inform policy-makers and decision-makers of the real needs of the community…So, this is just another series of engagements, here in Mocha, to help us appreciate and understand what needs to be done, how it would benefit people, and how we could improve your lives and your livelihood.”

He said the government needs the support and cooperation of the people to advance developments just as the people need the support and interventions of the government to realise their aspirations.

One of the residents raised his concern at the meeting

“The prosperity of Guyana is for all Guyanese. The resources of Guyana are for all Guyanese. And we invite you to the table of benefits by ensuring that we understand how it works, you follow the process so that you could benefit. And we could have the One Guyana that we are talking about.”

The minister emphasised that the Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali-led Administration cares, which is why the government visits the communities to meet the people wherever they are, “the PPP/C Government, we are in every community, in every region, in every corner of Guyana. And we are serving the people of Guyana in keeping with our oath that we took, without fear or favour.”

Residents were assured that the government will continue to develop and improve the country’s infrastructure, as Minister Edghill alluded to the recent rehabilitation of Burnham Boulevard in the village, to the tune of $59 million.

A section of the gathering at the community meeting

He said the government is paying specific attention to expanding traditional and significant sectors in Guyana including tourism, biodiversity services, climate services, agro-processing, capacity in forestry, and expanding gold.

Minister Edghill reiterated that as the government works to develop the country, everything is being done to ensure development for everyone.