Georgetown, Guyana,Tuesday, July 04, 2017.

From the Hydrometeorological Service, Guyana.

Rainfall records for the past 24 hours, measured at 08:00 hrs Tuesday July 04, 2017, were available for most of the stations.

The highest rainfall of 34.4 mm was recorded at Bee Hive in Region 4.

Synopsis: Ridge of high Pressure remains the dominant feature affecting Guyana. Weak instabilities driven by local heating had given rise to mid-day showers over near inland to inland areas.

Today’s weather review: apart from a few isolated showers over inland areas, generally sunny skies were observed across Guyana.

Weather forecast for the next Twenty-four hours

Tuesday July 04, 2017 (19:00 hrs – 07:00 hrs)

Partly cloudy skies to clear skies. Chance of passing showers . No significant rainfall is expected.