West Demerara Hospital patients’ records to be improved with database


  • to record biographical data, medical history
  • to ease duplication of patients’ information

DPI, Guyana, Tuesday, July 10, 2018

West Demerara Regional Hospital will soon adopt a Logistics Management Information System (LMIS) that records patient medical records and medications.

The model is already being piloted in a few health centres by the Ministry of Public Health.

Regional Health Officer of West Demerara-Essequibo Islands, Dr. Ravindra Dudhnauth.

According to Region Three’s Regional Health Officer, Dr Ravindra Dudhnauth, the database with patient information will assist with the identification of the patient and track medical records of these individuals: “When a patient enters the hospital, goes to the receptionist that patient will be given an identification number. That number will be treated as your ID number, as your passport number and the patients would have to present this, if not they will be given one.”

All patient data and other information will be traced from this simple identification number. This new system when instituted will bring an end to deficiencies in data collecting and data analysis at the regional hospital.

The RHO said that he has already spearheaded a process of engaging consultants who will guide the new project forward. It is expected to be fully implemented during the course of 2019.

The Ministry of Public Health’s pilot of the LMIS is electronically based and is being used to aggregate, analyse, validate and display data that can be used to make logistical decisions and manage the supply chain. This is being implemented with a heavy focus on the management of drugs and medical supplies.

More specifically, if a patient has been recorded in West Demerara Regional Hospital’s data as a recipient of a medication, this service will not be duplicated at another health facility. If a patient collects medication at more than one health facility, this practice usually affects the true reflection of drug and medical supplies consumption in any given region.

By: Delicia Haynes.