Works on Providence Road recommence and moving apace

Providence Road, commonly known as ‘Red Road’ is on the path to restoration as works recommenced Tuesday night following the completion of geotechnical examination and modelling.

The tests were conducted to ascertain the ground’s suitability for the resumption of construction while ensuring its durability.

This critical phase was initiated in response to the alarming structural degradation and concerns for public safety after the road caved in and suffered cracks stretching approximately 150 metres due to an estimated 30,000 tonnes of stockpiled materials nearby.

Ongoing works on the Providence Road, East Bank Demerara

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill, reported on Wednesday that the process of compacting loam, a crucial step in the road’s rehabilitation, has been successfully completed.

Additionally, geogrid and geocell fabric materials have been meticulously installed as a substructure to enhance the road’s sub-base, thus fortifying its foundation.

The spreading of crusher run has commenced and is expected to be expedited to ensure the prompt resumption of smooth traffic flow in the area.

Ongoing works on the Providence Road, East Bank Demerara

Meanwhile, testament to the government’s prompt response, emergency contractors were swiftly mobilised to comprehensively reconstruct the damaged section and safely redistribute the stockpiled aggregate that had posed a significant threat to the road’s stability.

Works are being executed by Excel Engineering and GuyAmerica. The Ministry of Public Works has deployed its team of engineers to oversee the progress, ensuring that every aspect of the project adheres to the highest standards of safety and quality.