Works progressing on Kumaka, Morawhanna stellings

Infrastructural works on the new Kumaka and Morawhanna stellings in Region One are progressing and aim to provide safe transit points and enhanced transport services to residents.

The works on the 2.163 billion Kumaka stelling are currently 25 per cent completed. The site is cleared of vegetation and obstacles, and progress has been made in placing and compacting backfill material.

Works are progressing at Kumaka Stelling in Region One

Additionally, long-lead items have been successfully procured, and the site office constructed. Works commenced in August 2023.

Similarly, the stelling at Morawhanna is undergoing some basic adjustments to the tune of $1.9 billion. That project is also being executed by R. Bassoo & Sons Construction Company and is 35 per cent completed.

The site office was constructed and temporary revetment works were done. The procurement of long lead items has also been made. This project is expected to be completed in August this year.

The facilities will significantly ease the transportation burden and ensure the prompt delivery of goods to the region while bolstering economic development in the North-West area.

It will also provide docking to the new and recently operationalised Indian roll-on and roll-off vessel, MV MA Lisha that traverses between Georgetown and Region One.

In 2023, the Ministry of Public Works was allocated a sum of $33.3 billion for the enhancement of wharves and stellings under the supplementary fund.

Of that sum, $2.5 billion was earmarked for advancing works at Kingston Goods Wharf and the Kumaka, Morawhanna, and Port Kaituma stellings.