Young chefs hungry to learn restaurant business 

DPI, Guyana, Friday, July 13, 2018

Two local chefs have guided their passion for cooking and baking into securing spots at one of Guyana’s finest restaurants and into starting up their own private catering businesses.

Growing up in the heart of Georgetown, 24-year-old Renee James said after graduating from the St. Stanislaus College in 2010, she “hadn’t a clue of what she wanted to do”. She explained it took her two years to realise that her passion for cooking was meant to be more than just a hobby.

After pursuing the certificate course in Cake and Pastry Making and a two-year diploma course in Catering and Hospitality at the Carnegie School of Home Economics, Renee said she applied to work at the Guyana Marriott for a spot in its Terra Mare Restaurant. She is now celebrating three years there as an experienced chef.

“It has been quite an experience. It has taught me so much about who we are as people whether we have different socio-economic backgrounds and what we bring to the hotel and its brand. For the past three years, my most memorable experience has been working with some of the greatest chefs.”

Since working at the establishment she has taken away a lot to improve herself: “First and foremost, having respect for what you do and the product you put out in each plate, but also having respect for your fellow man and those you come across, and putting forth the best you can every day. Apart from putting out the best food, it’s all about putting your heart on each and every single plate.”

Renee is in the process of establishing her own catering business and currently does small catering from her Georgetown home.

The young chef sees herself as a cook on a long-term basis and plans to further expand her knowledge in other aspects of the food industry and establish her own brand. She hopes to add being a food critic, food writer, training others and establishing a food magazine in the future. Renee can be contacted on her mobile 619-0012/email:

Also following her passion in the culinary trade, 24-year-old Sarafina Edghill is currently completing her diploma in Catering and Hospitality at the Carnegie School of Home Economics. Edghill said she was placed at the Terra Mare Restaurant on work attachment to carryout chef/cook duties for a six-month period.

“There is this one gift that you always wanted and then you finally get it, that’s how I feel about working at Terra Mare. It’s a dream come true for me. I come and dine but who knew I would have been behind the scenes preparing the dish?”

In the future, she plans to open her own bakery and own her restaurant. She is already popular on the local market as the Cupcake Queen or Chef Edghill, since she caters outside of her work attachment at the restaurant.

Sarafina can be contacted on her mobile at 685-3444 or her Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat medium under the name ‘chefedghill’.

By: Crystal Stoll

Images: Tejpaul Bridgemohan and Kawise Wishart