170 tractors, trailers distributed to Amerindian villages to date – Min Sukhai

Some 170 tractors and trailers have been distributed by the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs to hinterland villages and Amerindian settlements across Guyana, as the administration advances agriculture development in these areas to achieve food security locally and regionally.

The vehicles currently offer support in the labour-intensive aspects of agriculture, while also serving as a means of transportation for residents in remote villages.

Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai

This update was provided by the Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai during an interview on the sidelines of a recent visit to Rewa, North Rupununi, Region Nine.

“We are awaiting a balance of 20 [tractors] to come into the country that were purchased this year.  All the matters of manufacturing and shipping usually take a while, so we expect that shipment to come in before the end of the year,” the minister said.

She stated that the total distribution cost signifies a $700 million investment towards providing the tractors and trailers, including implements to these villages.

A tractor and trailer that were provided to the Masakenari Village being utilised

The government has acknowledged the hinterland’s comparative advantage in the agriculture sector; hence the much-needed support being provided to the indigenous villages.

It also seeks to advance the villages’ economic fortune and provide employment opportunities to youths.

A total of 202 communities are expected to receive the vehicles as part of the beneficial initiative.