216 new health interventions to be rolled out in September

As the government continues to expand the health sector by building new hospitals and implementing new services, the Ministry of Health will soon be rolling out a number of new interventions at health centres across the country.

This was revealed by Minister, Dr. Frank Anthony at a recent commissioning at Fort Ordinance, Region Six.

Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony

“The next set of interventions that we have is in the area of chronic non-communicable diseases, where we will target each of the major diseases. This year, in early September, we will be rolling out new guidelines as it pertains to managing diabetes,” the health minister disclosed.

Some of the health workers who will be attached to the Fort Ordinance Health Centre

He said his ministry is moving to not only advance hospitals, but also health centres, so that they can be independent and provide as many services to the communities as possible.

“We are moving from where our health posts and health centres used to just offer MCH- Maternal and Child health services, to where, at each health centre will offer at least 216 different types of intervention.”

Fort Ordinance Health Centre where the interventions will be rolled out

Minister Anthony noted that the ministry has been training health workers to provide these new services.

Additionally, each health centre will have a team to implement those interventions.

The minister also noted that regular visits will be done by other professionals to ensure the efficient implementation of these interventions.

“We are going to buttress that team with a doctor visiting the various health centres on a regular basis, to ensure that we can roll out these interventions that we are talking about. We want our people to be healthy and we want them to have access to these interventions,” Dr. Anthony added.