$27.8 billion security budget approved

-$1 billion for construction, rehabilitation of police stations

The safety and security of Guyanese remain a front burner for the PPP/C Administration, as over $1 billion was Thursday approved for the construction and rehabilitation of several police stations countrywide.

The money forms part of the $27.8 billion earmarked for the Ministry of Home Affairs. Defending the budgetary allocation for the sector was Minister, Robeson Benn.

Minister of Home Affairs, Robeson Benn

Minister Benn highlighted that part of the $1 billion caters for the construction and rehabilitation of stations which began last year, and will be completed by the second quarter of this year.

The stations include Mabaruma at $21 million, Ruimveldt at $32 million, Providence $36 million, Yarakita, $20.6 million, Charity at $2.7 million, Imbaimadai at $13 million, Kamarang at $14.8 and Kato $8.8 million.

In addition, stations at Whim and Albion (Region Six) and Parika (Region Three) are almost completed.

Regarding new projects for 2022, the minister said $405 million is earmarked for the construction of the Brickdam Police Station, which was destroyed by fire last year. Minister Benn also said a design for the multi-storey building has been selected.

“We have had three conceptual designs of which we have adopted one. We intend to get along with our engineering group which has been enhanced by the employment of our own. We intend to work with some consultants in respect of the structural design, foundation design and issues relating to the reticulation in the building for fire, water and electricity,” Minister Benn stated.

The minister also gave insight on several other projects that will commence this year to enhance the work of the Guyana Police Force.

He said, “for regional command operating stations, we will be doing at Anna Regina, Leonora, Fort Wellington, the central police station and Wismar for $150 million. We will be operating the TSU operational area for $40 million, there will be the construction of a floating ramp for the marine police at Ruimveldt for $12 million. We intend to reconstruct the CID building for $28 million.”

“We will also be doing new living quarters at Eve Leary for $25 million, the special constabulary headquarters will be re-done for 20 million, there will be rehabilitation at Baramita for $20 million, Charity for $36 million, Rose Hall for $20 million, the Brickdam Barracks will be rehabilitated for $20 million, Tuschen for $19 million, Dem Amstel will be rehabilitated.”

In total, the GPF budgetary allocation for 2022 is $17.5 billion. Monies were also approved for the Guyana Fire Service at $2.7 billion, Guyana Prison Service was allocated $5.2 billion while the General Register Office and the Customs Anti-Narcotics at $219 and $524 million respectively.