45 health professionals certified after completing chronic disease training

A total of 45 health professionals received certificates on Friday upon completing a three-week Tropical Chronic Disease Research Training programme.

The programme, which ran from May 10 to May 31, was a collaboration between the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, and the Southern Medical University.

The course has equipped health professionals with new skills to enhance the approach to tackling chronic diseases in the country.

Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr Narine Singh speaking at the closing ceremony of the Tropical Chronic Disease Research Training programme

Speaking at the closing ceremony held at the Chinese Embassy, Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr Narine Singh, highlighted that the training supplements existing efforts in Guyana’s health sector to minimise the spread of infectious and non-communicable diseases.

“The university’s idea at this time is to reduce the number of NDCs (non-communicable diseases) and CDs (communicable diseases) which are some of our major health issues. They are our top priorities and we are paying attention to them through our health strategy in Guyana,” Dr Singh stated.

Chinese Ambassador to Guyana, Guo Haiyan handing over one of the certificates to a participant

Highlighting the course’s capacity-building aspect, the CMO encouraged the health professionals to promptly apply the acquired skills within the primary healthcare system.

“As you know specialised care is something we are focusing on also. But at the primary level that is where all the work is needed and must be provided. A better primary healthcare we know, will reduce a lot of complications at an early stage,” the doctor emphasised.

Additionally, he disclosed that the Ministry of Health, in partnership with the Chinese Embassy, aims to establish more exchange programmes for Guyanese health workers.

Some of the participants showcasing the banner for the newly launched ‘Guyana Branch of International Alumni Association of Southern Medical University

Meanwhile, the Chinese Ambassador to Guyana, Guo Haiyan, underscored China’s commitment to expanding medical programmes in Guyana, recognising the government’s dedication to its people’s well-being.

Ambassador Haiyan acknowledged Guyana’s growing role in international affairs, exemplified by Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony’s election as the first Vice President of the 77th World Health Assembly.

The ceremony concluded with the launch of the ‘Guyana Branch of International Alumni Association of Southern Medical University,’ commemorating the participants of the training.