Agri-tourism Expo boosts local craft producers

DPI, Guyana, Monday, November 4, 2019

Irene Bacchus-Holder, the proud owner of Amazon Authentic, has created a buzz and timely promotion for herself and other local craft producers heading into the holiday season. This was made possible through the inaugural Agri-tourism Expo recently held at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre.

Bacchus-Holder is a pyrograhic artist. Her skills entail burning designs onto wood and sheepskin to make eye-catching jewellery and unusual pieces.

The artist has been perfecting her craft for the past 17 years. She recalled that it initially began as a pastime. “It started as a hobby and where I produced epigraphy on boxes and I offered it to Guyana Stores…and from that, I got into working with wood and then branched out to the beautiful species that Guyana has to offer,” she told the Department of Public Information (DPI).

With so many years under her belt, Bacchus-Holder said the journey is one that she would not change. “It takes time to get recognised to develop the product line and to get the quality demanded by the public and you know, to raise the level.”

According to Bacchus-Holder, the first-ever Agri-tourism Expo created the platform for her unique skills to be known.  “Persons were surprised by the originality of our work, myself and others’ they were looking and buying.”

She added that sales have been encouraging, especially as the Christmas season approaches.

Bacchus-Holder commended the initiative by the government to combine the sectors of Tourism and Agriculture. In this regard, she has issued a called for more Guyanese to support events such as these, as it helps to promote local artists.