Berbice scores big at CSEC

– several schools in top spot producing students with 8 Grade Ones or more

DPI, Guyana, Saturday, August 17, 2019

The East Berbice-Corentyne Region (Region 6) secured several tops spots at this year’s Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC).

Emerging in the 10th in the county and top performer for the Region 6, is 17-year-old Jhashodra “Jennifer” Ramnarain, a student of the JC Chandisingh Secondary. With 17 subjects under her belt, Jennifer attained 16 Grade Ones and one Grade Two.

Speaking with the Department of Public Information (DPI), Jennifer could not contain her excitement. She said hard work, sacrifices and her commitment to her studies ensured her achievement. The humble teen also credits her success to her faith in God and the support of her parents, sister and teachers.

“I was speechless when I heard the announcement of the results and as it resonated with me, I could not contain my excitement. I am happy that my hard work paid off. I could not have done it without the encouragement, support and assistance I received from everyone around me,” a beaming Jennifer said.

In 2016, her sister Vanessa Ramnarain was placed 13th in the country when she attained 15 grades one and one grade two, at CSEC. Challenging herself, Jennifer planned to sit one subject more than her sister and emerged triumphantly.

The teen proudly related, she has a zeal for the sciences, especially Chemistry, since it is interesting as it is challenging. She noted it helps to understand how precious life is, how unique human beings are and be able to provide new solutions or insights to problems. However, even though she shares an interest in Chemistry, she prefers to have a career in the legal field. “I hope to become a lawyer as such I will be furthering my studies in law at CAPE for the next two years and will continue from there”.

Her mother Ramrattee Ramsarup said she is extremely proud of her daughter’s success. She noted that while she was confident that her youngest daughter would excel at the examinations, she never imagined it would be among the top ten in the country.

“Every day her father took her school, from nursery to primary, and we instilled in them education is the foundation to excellence. When realized she had the ability… we just supported her throughout.”

Ramrattee spoke of the importance of parental support and encouragement in a child’s education. She also underscored; an early start helps students to succeed academically.

“Parents need to spend time with their children. Teachers alone cannot do it alone; you have to help out to see results. When everyone works together to support learning children tend to do better. I have seen it work and if we continue along that path, we will produce students who will be excel.”

Deputy Headmistress of JC Chandisingh Secondary, Shoundel Bourne stated they were “ecstatic” with the results. She the school promotes encouragement and teamwork is of utmost importance. Over the years, the school has consistently produced a number of top performers and boasts an overall high percentage pass rate.

“We have strategic plans. We make optimum use of resources and place them where they are most needed. The physical arrangements of classrooms are set up so that the senior student’s block is closer to the Administrative Division so we can monitor and supervise”.

Bourne added, “Collaboration among all stakeholders; teachers, parents, sister schools, the Department of Education is key to success. Our teachers go the extra mile, they are willing to be there on holidays and weekends. We expect to do well again next year.”

Also, from JC Chandisingh, is Arifa Ashidally, 16, who gained 12 Grade Ones and Seven Grade Twos. The aspiring ambassador said she worked hard and maintained a balance between leisure and studying as both are equally important.

Further up the Corentyne, the Tagore Memorial School, located at Number 63 Village, produced four students gaining passes in over eight subjects or more with Grade Ones. Among those are 17-year-old Gavendra Mohabir, who obtained 13 Grade Ones and 1 Grade Two. The future architect plans to attend the University of Guyana to first, pursue studies in Computer Science after which he hopes to receive a scholarship to further his studies in architecture at the institution.

Additionally, schools such as the Skeldon Line Path Secondary continue to deliver as well. Student, Yogeshwari Balram wrote 17 subjects and gained 14 Grade Ones and 3 Grade Twos. She told the DPI, that while she has not yet chosen a career path, her love for Mathematics and Physics will allow her to a take up a career in that field since she loves to find solutions to problems.

Students from the New Amsterdam Secondary and Berbice High School also performed exceptionally at this year’s examination. Guyana recorded a 73% overall pass rate at the 2019 sitting of CSEC.