CCAC to host 2nd Annual Compliance Awards

The CCAC announces its hosting of the second annual National Compliance Award in November 2023. 

The award process will be officially launched in June.

The award event, first held in November 2023, allows businesses to be recognized for their overall compliance with the Consumer Affairs Act (CAA) of 2011.  Compliance with the CAA instills confidence in consumers that businesses observe their rights.

Awards will be offered in the categories of consumer rights advocate of the year, most compliant auto, electronics, and other industries, best warranty policy, and best consumer experience. The process is free of charge.

Retail businesses that supply durable goods and services will be eligible to apply. They must also possess valid business registration from the Deeds Registry, National Insurance, and Guyana Revenue Authority compliance.

Inspection assessments will be done for each business applicant to validate eligibility for qualification of an award.

The Commission will this year introduce an award to recognize media representatives who consistently contribute to the promotion of consumer protection and the work of the CCAC in this regard.

The winners in the 2022 awards program were Pat Dial, Consumer Rights Advocate of the Year, Telco Solutions, Most Compliant Electronics, Caribbean Motor Spares, Most Compliant Auto, Most Compliant Other Industries, Silvie’s Industrial Supplies and Best Consumer Experience, John Lewis.

Businesses can call 219-4410/3 or email