Disrespectful comments from opposition camp have no place in Guyana – President Ali tells the nation

Guyana’s modern and democratic society is seeing the People’s Progressive Party/Civic administration implementing its strategic vision for a future built on mutual respect, and national development.

His Excellency, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali reaffirmed this position on Tuesday morning during a live statement, making it clear that racism and division have no place in this modern Guyana.

The head of state said persons should not be ridiculed or chastised for exercising their democratic right to join or show support for a political party of their choosing.

This is related to many Afro-Guyanese newcomers facing backlash for coming out on Nomination Day in support of the PPP/C.  

He noted that the disparaging comments made by Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton are of ‘great cause for concern’, especially against the backdrop of persons exercising their democratic rights in Local Government Elections proceedings.

Norton claimed on Monday that the PPP/C was ‘buying votes’, which, he said, accounts for their large turnout in many of the constituencies.

According to the President, Norton, nor any political party does not own any group regardless of their race and perceived loyalty.

“That backward type of politics, that disheartening type of politics is something for the past. That can’t win anymore, that can’t bring people together, that age-old strategy of yours has died. You cannot disparage people this way,” the president made clear.  

President Ali said these claims speak to the Opposition Leader’s blatant disregard for the principle of democracy and utter disrespect to the Guyanese people.

He attributed the large turnout to people’s confidence in the PPP/C’s mandate and vision for Guyana, as well as the impact of democracy in bringing people together.

I am so pleased that so many of us are responding to a national call in creating a common platform to foster development in which democracy and tolerance can grow. This is not about a political party. This is about our country, this is about society, and about our people.”

The head of state also congratulated the candidates and expressed appreciation to the party supporters for their hard work in ensuring that the PPP can contest in every constituency.

“For us, every constituency, every community and every region are valuable. For us, every single Guyanese is valuable. I am most pleased to look at all the images across our country and to see the true nature of the PPP/C, bringing our Guyanese of all ethnicities, all backgrounds and all persuasions and political affiliations coming together under a common banner of inclusivity and trust, developing and putting together first and foremost.”

The Local Government Elections give citizens a voice in shaping the policies and priorities of their communities.

On Monday, The Guyana Elections Commission reported that the ruling PPP/C was the first party to submit its list of candidates for the municipality of Georgetown. This dedication was duplicated in several other constituencies.