Elderly residents living with a disability in Kwebanna receive wheelchairs

Three elderly residents living with disability in the village of Kwebanna, Region One received wheelchairs from the Ministry of Health, demonstrating the government’s commitment to improving the livelihoods of all Guyanese.

This became possible after a request was made by Kwebanna’s Toshao, Troy Peters, during a recent outreach led by President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali to the region.

It was during these outreaches that Toshao Peters highlighted the urgency to provide mobility aids for three elderly residents, who were experiencing difficulties in carrying out their day-to-day functions due to their disabilities.

Recognising the significance of this request, the health ministry promptly responded by providing the wheelchairs and ensuring their timely delivery to Kwebanna on the subsequent follow-up visit.

The delivery of these wheelchairs is a testament to the ministry’s dedication to enhancing healthcare accessibility and improving the quality of life for the most vulnerable populations nationwide.

The initiative also aligns with the comprehensive health agenda spearheaded by President Ali and Minister of Health Dr Frank Anthony, ensuring no community is left behind.

Only recently a medical team was deployed by the ministry to the Barima-Waini region where services such as dentistry, screening, audiology, and oncology were brought to residents of the Moruca sub-district.

A $1.8 million boat was also commissioned recently at the Kumaka waterfront in Mabaruma, Region One, boosting the region’s ability to conduct vital home visits and provide essential healthcare to residents of Arukamai.

The investment is expected to strengthen community health initiatives and improve access to medical care in remote areas in the region.

The region is also poised to benefit from major infrastructural upgrades, including the construction of a state-of-the-art hospital in the Moruca sub-district.