Exercise the five C’s, adhere to road signs – Min. Ferguson urges drivers

-WCD road project conceptualised to increase efficiency

DPI, Guyana, Thursday, July 12, 2018

Road users are being urged to drive safely on the rehabilitated 30.7km road from Vreed-en-Hoop to Hydronie.

That was the message coming from Minister within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Annette Ferguson at the commissioning of the West Coast Demerara Road Improvement Project’s Fourth road project at De Willem WCD on Wednesday.

“Kindly exercise the five C’s – care, caution, consideration, common sense and courtesy when using the roadways. Let us avoid the use of reckless driving on our roadways which will aid in the reduction of deaths to human lives. I also urge that the signs erected along the roadways be adhered to.”

The minister further stressed that the road improvement project was not conceptualized to enhance the scenery of the West Coast, but to derive benefits which include the increased efficiency and safety of road transportation along the West Coast of Demerara.

The project included several components which comprised of road works, road safety awareness, capacity building, engineering services, project management and monitoring and evaluation.

Minister Ferguson went on to acknowledge the residents and road users who were understanding and patient with the works. “The completion of this project would not have been possible without the support and cooperation from residents who had to endure some degree of discomfort. Vendors who ply their trade on a daily basis for their livelihoods and had to relocate to other areas, motorists who experienced slight diversions in traffic and the RDC and councilors who also played a key role in ensuring that the needs of the people were met.”

The road is an important artery that supports the social and economic services within Region Three and the country as a whole. It is the sole road link for the movement of people, agricultural and other produce from these areas to the capital and other parts of the country.

The road project was jointly funded between the Government of Guyana and the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) in the sum of GYD$9.7Billion (US$46.789Million). The project was a joint venture between BK International Inc. and Surrey Paving and Aggregate Company Limited out of Jamaica.

By: Stephon Gabriel

Images: Leon Leung