‘Expansion of East Coast Road will benefit current and future generations’

residents commend road improvement project

The East Coast Demerara Road improvement project is another transformational initiative by the government to enhance the country’s infrastructural landscape.

Residents living along the east coast corridor are anticipating the development, as it is set to significantly improve their quality of life.

Shavanie Mulchan

One such resident is Shavanie Mulchan, a vendor, who said the project will bring relief to her when completed.

“I feel good that they are extending the road because it will be a lot easier to cross since there will be less traffic,” she said.

Cornel Fraser

For Cornel Fraser, the government has been aggressively honing in on infrastructural rehabilitation, as he observed consistent and frequent rehabilitative works being executed across the region.

“A lot of work is being carried out on roads, and that is going to help me because, all of the potholes and these things that are challenging as drivers, it’s going to save us from that, and it’s going to help us save money,” Fraser noted.

Ongoing works on the ECD road improvement project

When asked his views on the ECD road project, Fraser relayed, “It’s going to benefit me because, first of all, we’re not going to have all of this congestion. Once the road is expanded, it is going to have a few more lanes which means that you’re going to move faster. You’re going to take less time to get to your destination. When you have traffic buildup, even that costs you money.”

Another resident, Nickolas Wool, said the project will significantly reduce traffic buildup, and enable residents to arrive at their destinations earlier.

Nickolas Wool

Wool stated, “We’ll have four lanes, and it will be good, and the drivers will be encouraged to take their time on the road. It’s going to ease up the traffic a lot, so everybody will reach to work early. As you see, some people get to work late because of the traffic. They have to get up early to beat the traffic, and it is hard sometimes. When this road opens, it will be easier.”

Meanwhile, Julius Cupidore, who expressed that he has been a driver for some 11 years, sees the project as a transformational endeavour that caters for the future generation.

Junior Cupidore

“I truly believe that the expansion of the road is going to be better for Guyana because Guyanese people depend on transportation. It’s going to ensure that everybody’s goods are transported and delivered on time. I believe that the expansion of the road is going to be beneficial, not only for this generation but for generations to come,” he explained.

Works on the project are ongoing and consist of drainage construction, pipeline relocation, and preparations for road widening.

Ongoing works on the ECD road improvement project

This phase of the project will see the expansion of the Railway Embankment Road into four lanes stretching from Sheriff Street to Orange Nassau, extending the main east coast roadway from Orange Nassau to Mahaica, and rehabilitating the existing East Coast Embankment Road from Belfield to Orange Nassau.