First rectal cancer, prostate surgery performed at LHC

DPI, Guyana, Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Linden Hospital Complex (LHC) has recorded its first rectal cancer and major prostate surgeries which were both deemed successful.

The removal of an enlarged prostate and kidney stones was conducted during this week by Urologist Dr. Brian Niles while the rectal surgery was conducted by a team of Chinese doctors led by Dr. Yu Zijun earlier, in January.

This is a bonus for the LHC since these specialised and technical services were only available at the Georgetown Public Hospital Cooperation(GPHC) and Lindeners were required to journey to the capital city to benefit from their expertise.

Urologist, Dr Brian Niles

LHC now has its own urologists Dr. Niles who is available during the second week of every month. Dr. Niles said he was gratified that he will be to offer his specialised medical services to the residents.

“We have seen an exponential growth in the patronage of the service, the service was much-needed. The referrals for the speciality of urology were primarily sent to GPHC and it was nice to know that we were able to come directly to Linden and provide the services to the community. I think that is responsible for the growth of the service,” Niles said.

The kidney stone surgery was the most extensive he has ever done since the stones weighed 276 grammes. The doctor noted the diabetic patient is recovering well and is no longer feeling pain, “We are very excited for this type of development for the Linden community and I feel very confident that we can do a lot for Linden as far as urology goes.”

Dr. Niles believes the Urology Department will continue to improve with the support he has been receiving from the Management of LHC as well as the Ministry of Public Health. The LHC is expected to have available equipment that will allow for minimally invasive surgeries to be done soon.

LHC’s Public Relations Officer, Toshanna Allicock described the surgeries as a significant achievement for the hospital. “We are pleased to be able to successfully complete such a critical surgery right here in Linden. The Urology Clinic has seen tremendous growth since its commencement.”

By Vanessa Braithwaite

Image by Vanessa Braithwaite