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In the business of BeautyUrban Oasis Salon upping the ante on skin care

DPI, Sunday, July 8, 2018

Treating oneself to a ‘Spa Day’ is among the growing trends today. A number of spas have sprung up in Guyana offering a range of beauty and grooming treatments to discerning clients.

Urban Oasis Beauty Salon on South Road, Georgetown managed by Jenelle Blackman- Jones, specialises in various services including microdermabrasion, tailored facials, chemical peels, full body waxing, full body massage, acrylic and nail designs among others.

Internationally certified from the Britain Institute in Canada, and with few salons offering microdermabrasion, Blackman-Jones sheds light on the service. “Microdermabrasion is not for persons who have active acne. After you would have treated the acne and you want to get rid of the scars and post-inflammatory pigmentation, or you have photo-aging, hyperpigmentation due to sun exposure, large pores those are the things microdermabrasion is good for.”

The young entrepreneur explained, the venture initially stemmed from her dealing with acne and other skin issues for decades, and her drive to solve those issues and help others.

“I think we do not take enough care of our skin. First of all, we need to be educated on our skin. People are still washing their faces with soap and soap dries out the PH balance of your skin. Especially persons with acne that is a no-no.” She added, “That is why I opted to use home care remedies. And that is also why when I did the course and I was searching for a skincare line; I ensured the one that I was using was more to the natural side, which is the Rhonda Allison line.”

Clients are required to do an initial consultation with the cosmetologist before proceeding to the skin care treatment. Treatment also includes follow-up methods which her business offers, through skin care products for retail.

Road to success

According to the cosmetologist, her journey to entrepreneurship was not all smooth sailing.  Blackman-Jones grew up in the village of Paradise, East Coast of Demerara and after completing her secondary education at the Annandale Secondary School and President’s College, she was of the view that obtaining a job would be easy. However, three years went by and she was unable to secure steady employment. It was then Blackman-Jones then decided to become proficient in a trade as a way of assisting her parents and earning a personal income.

Venturing into the field of cosmetology, Blackman-Jones said after training at Kevin’s Reflection beauty school, she began working from her mother’s kitchen for a period of three months.

The young entrepreneur then moved to the North Road, Georgetown location after securing a booth at the beauty salon. She spent five years there, building her clientele and improving her skills in acrylic and nail designs and pedicure and manicure.

The desire to manage her own workspace and implement her standards led the entrepreneur, in 2013, to establish Urban Oasis Beauty Salon and Cosmetology School on South Road, Georgetown where she subsequently added more services to the establishment.

After ten years in the cosmetology industry and with the goal to ‘remain relevant’ Blackman-Jones expanded her business with the launch of her new spa and skin care services. Today, the salon employs over five persons specialising in various beauty treatments and services.

The entrepreneur pointed to the fact that while her business venture was derived from the necessity to earn a livelihood, over the years and after specialising in the field of cosmetology, she has grown to love the trade and satisfying her customers’ needs.

The cosmetologist encourages young people to always be focused and to learn a trade despite qualifying at the school level. Her advice to fellow business owners is to “work to the best of your ability… For example, if you are making plantain chips for a living, ensure you make the best plantain chip that sets your business apart from the others.”

Blackman-Jones gives credit to her husband, family, friends and steady customers who have always supported her on her journey. The business is located on South Road, Georgetown. Blackman-Jones can be contacted on her Facebook business page or on her mobiles 691-1512 or 231-2058

By: Crystal Stoll.