GTI’s new centre will provide effective delivery of technical education

Dr. Ritesh Tularam, Deputy Chief Education Officer (Technical), emphasised the profound impact of the newly inaugurated $220 million Ken Subraj-Zara Technical Centre on the Government Technical Institute (GTI).

Positioned as a catalyst for delivering high-quality technical and vocational education, the centre is poised to enhance the effectiveness of education delivery at GTI.

Deputy Chief Education Officer (Technical), Dr Ritesh Tularam during remarks

In a recent address during the commissioning ceremony at GTI, Woolford Avenue, Georgetown, Dr. Tularam underscored the far-reaching benefits of the state-of-the-art facility. He noted, “Students throughout Guyana will be able to access and benefit from the facility’s high-quality and pertinent technical education offerings.”

Highlighting the significance of this development in the context of Guyana’s evolving socio-economic landscape, Dr. Tularam expressed confidence that the centre would contribute to the formation of students equipped with essential skills, knowledge, and attitudes.

He emphasised, “Students are deemed competent to make a tangible, purposeful, and impactful contribution to national development.”

Dr. Tularam also noted the transformative pathway that Guyana is on, stating, “Guyana is on the cusp of a transformative pathway in ensuring that its citizens benefit significantly from technical and vocational education and training.”

Charging the administration of GTI, he urged them to maximise the utilisation of the facility in grooming high-quality Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) graduates, aligning with the ministry’s strategic plan for 2021-2025 and vision 2030.

Also, recognising GTI’s historical contribution, Dr. Tularam highlighted the institution’s role in training thousands of talented graduates over the years. He specifically mentioned the lucrative programmes in engineering, mechanical, electrical, civil, scientific, and land surveying, which attract thousands of candidates annually in Guyana’s burgeoning oil and gas economy.

The Ken Subraj-Zara Technical Centre

Dr. Tularam further revealed plans for an oil and gas laboratory through collaborative efforts, ensuring that the necessary resources are in place for GTI to offer programmes in this field.

He affirmed, “We will work in partnership to ensure that the tools and equipment, human resources, and all other key ingredients will be put in place.”

Expressing gratitude for the timely corporate gift from the Ken Subraj Foundation, Dr. Tularam highlighted the foundation’s contribution and the Ministry of Education’s commitment to ensuring the facility’s intended purpose. He characterised the private-public partnership as “well-crafted, purposeful, and collaborative.”

Dr. Tularam issued a clarion call to major stakeholders, advocates, the private sector, industries, manufacturing agencies, businesses, and the TVET fraternity to collectively invest in promoting quality technical education.

He noted the collaborative efforts as a hallmark for TVET in Guyana and urged purposeful realisation of the ultimate goals and impact of technical education in the country.