Guyana is positioned as a premier, sustainable tourism destination

With its lush green landscapes, numerous waterways, and rich cultural traditions, Guyana is emerging as a leading nature and sustainable tourism destination.

The Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) recently showcased these attributes at the 42nd Caribbean Travel Marketplace (CTM) event in Montego Bay, Jamaica, held from May 20 to 23.

One of the new products, paddleboarding tours, was launched in the Kara Kara Blue Lake two weeks ago

The event allows destinations like Guyana to engage directly with travel and tourism professionals interested in promoting and selling unique travel experiences.

GTA’s Director, Kamrul Baksh, emphasised the importance of sharing Guyana’s traditions and natural beauty with international audiences.

“Guyana is well-positioned in the tourism market for its nature and adventure products. So, we continuously try to drive home that sustainable type of tourism and that is what we are here to do and to really network with the marketers,” Baksh stated.

The networking event was deemed a success, boosting Guyana’s profile on the global travel map.

Over the past four years, GTA has introduced approximately 50 new tourism products focused on sustainability and showcasing the country’s diverse culture.

Baksh also highlighted the significant infrastructural development underway in Guyana, which supports the growing tourism sector.

“Currently Guyana is undergoing massive infrastructural development, tourism-support infrastructure is a priority of the government. We are building ten new branded hotels, simultaneously which will add another 1500 rooms,” the director noted.  

Regarding connectivity, Guyana has made significant strides with several new flight routes established.

Baksh stated, “In April this year, we had United Airlines add a route from Houston, so we have stronger connections to North America. Additional flights will be added for American Airlines as well as JetBlue from our traditional hubs in New York and in Florida.”  

British Airways also launched a new route from London Gatwick to Georgetown via St. Lucia in March last year.

The government is also exploring additional flight routes within Latin America and beyond, demonstrating its commitment to expanding Guyana’s tourism market globally.

These investments and strategic partnerships underscore the government’s dedication to positioning Guyana as a top destination for sustainable and nature-based tourism.