‘Guyana Night’ lives up to expectations at CARIFESTA XIV

DPI, Guyana, Monday August 19, 2019

The debut of Guyana’s ‘A year in a day’ presentation for CARIFESTA XIV was nothing short of exceptional. Patrons were told about Guyana’s unique diversity through song and drama.

Patrons and onlookers were in for a treat as they watched the Guyana Night presentation unfold at Queen’s Park Savannah, on Sunday evening.

Dwayne Beak, a resident of Trinidad, said that while he has Guyanese friends, the dramatic piece opened his eyes to the country’s culture and diversity. “I know a couple of Guyanese, however being able to experience the culture of Guyana gave me a great appreciation of life in Guyana,” he said.

Gary Thomas, also from Trinidad, said he thoroughly enjoyed the presentation promised to visit Guyana to embrace all that was spotlighted. “I think the presentation was great. You guys were pretty good with Carnival and all of the other aspects that make Guyana what it is… I am now left intrigued,” he said.

Fellow Trinidad, Houston Fredericks said, “First time seeing the performance from Guyana, I realised they have a really diverse culture like us. It was a learning experience”

The final tweaks to the presentation just days before the delegation left for Trinidad made a tremendous difference when the act finally took to the stage. The dramatic performance captured the Government of Guyana’s vision of a cohesive nation.

Members of the delegation will continue to make Guyana proud as they next participate in the youth village being held under the theme, “Namaste Monday”.