Guyanese encouraged to apply for Cultural and Creative Industries Grant

Guyanese across the country are encouraged to apply for the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports- Cultural and Creative Industries Grant with the promise of earning up to $1 million.

The main objective of the grant is to support the setting up or expansion of cultural products or projects within Guyana’s creative sector.

What sets this initiative apart is not only the ambition of its financial allocation, but the core principles that underpin it. With an annual budget of $30 million, this grant represents a monumental investment in the Caribbean, unprecedented in its scale.

Each grant, approximately US$5,000, aims to empower individuals with the resources they need to turn their creative visions into reality.

Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports Cultural and Creative Industries Grant announcement

The programme is firmly anchored in the values of inclusivity and diversity, reflecting the government’s unwavering commitment to unifying the country and its recognition of the importance of culture

For those eager to participate, the application process is straightforward and inclusive. To be eligible for consideration, applicants must be Guyanese and have been residents of Guyana for at least two years prior to applying.

Priority areas for consideration include:

  • Productions and publications across all cultural and creative industries
  • Development, marketing, distribution and branding of cultural and creative products
  • Procurement of specialised equipment in support of a particular type of cultural and creative production.
  • Research and design of innovative, new Guyanese products in the cultural and creative industries.

Applicants should ensure that their submissions include an overview, a concise 300-word project description, a sustainable or commercialisation plan, expected outcomes, a comprehensive budget with a breakdown, a timeline, information on gap financing if applicable, and biographies of the principal (maximum of 300 words) and any secondary applicants (maximum of 200 words), as well as a summary of the applicants’ experience.

Applications are to be submitted online no later than November 30.