Guyanese urge to get screened for diabetes

The Ministry of Health is pleading with the general public to get screened for diabetes, while it continues to implement a series of measures to reduce the number of cases in the country.

Technical Officer for Diabetes, Dr Nandishaw Ramsingh, during an interview on the health ministry’s Facebook page Thursday last, urged the public to visit a health facility and get screened.

“We have at least 400 facilities nationwide, this includes health centres, health posts, and hospitals, and we are encouraging the public to visit their nearest health facility. One single screening and this is by way of a test, and we will be able to tell what your blood sugar levels are like,” Dr Ramsingh underscored.

Technical Officer for Diabetes, Dr Nandishaw Ramsingh

She explained that the screening will detect if you have the chronic disease, and its extent, as well as help to keep it under control.

Dr Ramsingh added that the ministry has been working assiduously to form a higher platform so that they can reach out to all diabetic patients and even persons being affected by other non-communicable diseases.

“We have our one-stop-shop for diabetes, where persons can be able to access specialised services such as diabetic foot care…they can be seen and they can be treated,” Ramsingh stated.

Screening is also available to young adults, teens, and even smaller children. As such, the ministry has been conducting outreaches to schools across the country, teaching the causes of diabetes and how it can be prevented. They have been educating schools about healthy eating habits as well.

Moreover, as the distribution of the hemoglobin analyser machine (HbA1c analyzer) began at the various health facilities, the medical professional said screening is expected to be ramped up.

Only Tuesday, the ministry launched a two-day training for health personnel about the new guidelines to treat diabetic patients. The measures were put together with support from several experts from Mount Sinai.

The undertaking aims to prevent, control, and minimise diabetic complications in patients.