Innovation flows at CWWA exhibition, showcasing cutting-edge products and services

International and local exhibitors are making waves at the 32nd Caribbean Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA) Conference and Exhibition, creating a ripple of excitement as they spotlight cutting-edge products and services in the water and wastewater sector.

The Marriott Hotel in Kingston, Georgetown is the epicentre of this dynamic showcase, hosting the event until October 27.

A display of a water treatment plant

Brandee Velez, Business Development Manager at Florida Aqua Store, highlighted the company’s provision of glass-fused-to-steel water storage tanks and wastewater treatment plants. Velez underscored the benefits of these tanks, including their low cost and corrosion-resistant properties.

Excited to be back at the CWWA exhibition in Guyana for the second time, Velez expressed the company’s eagerness to contribute to the community’s water storage needs.

“We think that there is a lot of growth opportunities. We are happy to be here and help the communities with your water storage needs,” Velez told DPI.

Florida Aqua Store currently has two tanks in the country, including one at the Sophia Water Treatment Plant.

Brian Cullen, International Sales Manager of Orenco Systems in Florida, conveyed his enthusiasm for participating in CWWA’s exhibition to share information about their services.

International Sales Manager of Orenco Systems, Brian Cullen

Cullen emphasized the potential benefits and applications of Orenco Systems’ expertise in decentralised wastewater treatment collection within the country.

He explained that their work is tailored for smaller housing developments, as well as residential and commercial properties such as hotels, resorts, and airports. “So, anything that needs wastewater collection and treatment that is not connected to the main sewer system is what we do…We know that the sewage in terms of the situation has been challenging.”

President of Bi-Pure Water, Scott Foster providing information about their products and services

Scott Foster, President of Bi-Pure Water, emphasised the company’s specialisation in packaged water treatment plants. In the context of Guyana, Foster highlighted the versatility of their treatment plant, particularly in addressing the needs of remote hinterland communities with limited electricity and construction capabilities.

Describing the plant’s capabilities in detail, Foster explained, “As long as we can truck and get the building with the water and wastewater treatment plant at the location and then, use the hydraulic power from the mountains and water to clean the water. The hydraulic power would, then, pump the water up the hill…this will reduce the electrical load and component.”

Entrepreneur of Artsy Nature Gifts, Sherly Saul

This marks Bi-Pure Water’s inaugural visit to Guyana, and Foster underscored the significance of this opportunity to network and engage with relevant stakeholders to showcase the company’s products.

Sherly Saul, Entrepreneur of Artsy Nature Gifts, expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to showcase aspects of Guyana through her diverse art pieces. The collection includes hammocks, key chains, rings, pins, handbags, baskets, jewelry boxes, among other items.

Saul added, “Just in case if they want to take back a piece of Guyana which a lot of people want to. We have been getting tremendous response.”

Owner of Passion Designs, Tiffany Bacchus

Tiffany Bacchus, Owner of Passion Designs, conveyed her excitement, stating, “We are very excited, especially to showcase some of the work that our students have made and the work we have produced.” The display features candles, tie-dye cloths, chains, earrings, floral arrangements, and other products.

Additionally, Ronald Ramlall, Country Manager of Control Technologies Guyana Inc. (CTL), noted that the company’s services encompass comprehensive water solutions for the entire industry. This includes automation, instrumentation, and CCTV access control, among other offerings.

Ramlall stated, “We are 360 degrees. We believe in relationships. We do not necessarily have to sell our products. We need to help…since support is almost 100 per cent of what we do. That is what we want to give here.”

In connection to the conference, Caribbean ministers responsible for water and other officials are actively engaged in various discussions focusing on wastewater management, solid waste management, and financing.

The event is themed: Accelerating change in the water, wastewater, and solid waste sectors.’