Learning Lab trained over 100 persons with disabilities

The Ministry of Human Services and Social Security’s Learning Lab has upskilled some 108 persons living with disabilities (PWDs) in various training disciplines so far in 2024.

The training centre caters to the diverse needs and requirements of each type of disability, ensuring these individuals can access various training opportunities tailored to their unique circumstances.

Persons living with disabilities receiving basic computer training

This initiative fosters skill development and ensures PWDs are gainfully employed, enabling them to reintegrate into society and lead more independent lives.

In Region Two, garment construction courses were offered to empower PWDs with the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve financial independence through entrepreneurship.

In Region Three basic computer training was provided to first-time learners, equipping them with essential digital literacy skills crucial for integration into today’s technology-driven society.

To date, intermediate courses in adult literacy, adult numeracy, and video and audio editing have been implemented in Region Four, building upon the foundation laid by basic training courses conducted in the previous year.

Persons living with disabilities undergoing garment construction training

Beginner social media marketing courses were also introduced in Region Ten, expanding the various skills and opportunities.

Class sizes are kept small, and typically include 15 to 18 participants to ensure personalised attention and effective learning experiences.

The ministry also demonstrated its commitment to fostering inclusivity through a specialised training programme named, ‘Interacting with Persons with Disabilities.’

The two-day course, developed in collaboration with the Canadian Development Agency, Catalyste+, aims to improve the way individuals interact, communicate, and engage with persons living with disabilities.