LGE 2023: Seamless process reported along East Coast Demerara

Citizens lined up on Monday at the various polling stations across the country to cast their ballots for the 2023 Local Government Elections (LGEs).

The Department of Public Information (DPI) took its cameras to several locations along the East Coast Demerara, including Plaisance, Sparendaam, Better Hope, Chateau Margot, and La Bonne Intention (LBI), where citizens reported a smooth voting process.

Senior citizen, Mohan (only name given) from Better Hope, said he appreciates the manner in which the process was completed at his polling station.

 “I feel very safe today. I feel we have victory today; it was wonderful and this country will benefit from this. We had no difficulties; it was nice and smooth. I really appreciate the way they set it up,” Mohan expressed.

Another satisfied voter was Oliver Pollydore, who expressed the importance of citizens exercising their franchise.

 “I had no difficulties. It was quick and easy. I walked in, showed them my ID, and they told me what to do. So, once you follow the directions, it is quick and easy. Voting is important because the government determines almost everything you do. So it is necessary, and you should do it,” Pollydore stated.

DPI also caught up with Rehannah Manuel, who was happy about her second chance to vote at the LGE. “I voted well. Everything went smoothly, with no problems.”

Senior Minister in the Office of the President with Responsibility for Finance, Dr Ashni Singh was among the first set of persons to cast their ballots in Ogle.

Senior Minister in the Office of the President with Responsibility for Finance, Dr Ashni Singh displays his inked finger at the Jacko Hollow Block Factory, Ogle

The process was executed in exactly the manner that I was told it would. My voting experience was an extremely positive one. I went in and was able to cast my ballot smoothly, efficiently, and very quickly. I believe this auger well for the rest of the day,” Minister Singh noted in an invited comment.  

Polls closed at  18:00 hrs to facilitate the counting of ballots.