Min. Benn urges women to get screened for breast cancer for early detection

Minister of Home Affairs, Robeson Benn is calling on women across Guyana to get screened for breast cancer as early detection can ensure prevention.

The minister made the call on Friday at the ministry’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month Health Fair.

Minister of Home Affairs, Robeson Benn at the Breast Cancer Awareness Month Health Fair

The health fair was a collaboration with the Ministry of Health and was focused on bringing awareness to the global issue of breast cancer, emphasising the importance of early detection and encouraging women to be proactive about getting screened.

“Early Detection will allow you to get into a system of resorts, of care, which will prevent things getting worse and hopefully reverse the trend and make you better and live longer,” he said.

Cancer Survivor, Surita Alem

Cancer Survivor, Surita Alem shared her experience, noting the hardships she has overcome while also emphasising the need for screening.

“All I am going to ask all you awesome ladies here, go get tested, encourage your neighbours, encourage a friend, encourage a colleague, and as a 5-year survivor I am so thankful that the people with me pushed me. So, when you’re not feeling good, even a little slight itching or your breast feel a little heavy, go get tested, please. It is a hard journey very hard,” she shared.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Health Fair

Alem has been making crystal bead bracelets for the past two years to assist women with cancer who are not as fortunate to have a support system or financial assistance.

Meanwhile, staff members and passersby also benefitted from several health services available throughout the day. These services included Breast Screening and VIA Services , STIs and VCT awareness services, Doctors’ Consultation, Dental Screening and Education, Optometry Services, Elderly Health Services, Men’s and Women’s Health Awareness sessions, Blood Drive, Vital Signs, Vaccination sensitisation and Administration of all Vaccines (COVID-19 and others) and Vector Control.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Health Fair

Minister Benn noted that the breast cancer awareness fair will become an annual event for the ministry.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2023 is being celebrated under the theme ‘Many hands, caring hearts.’