Minister Edghill calls for expedited works on Linden roads

Linden Contractors were urged to complete their road and other projects on time and within the stipulated contractual agreement as the government has adopted a zero-tolerance for negligence and time-wasting on all projects. 

8497 Public Works Minister, Bishop Juan Edghill, alongside Chief Engineer, Ron Rahaman, and Hinterland Engineer, Jeffrey Walcott

This is even as Public Works Minister, Bishop Juan Edghill met with contractors to discuss their progress with the rehabilitation works on various roads in Linden.

The minister expressed concern at the slow progress of the infrastructural works, emphasizing the need to have these processes expedited so that Linden residents can benefit. Moreover, he emphasized that the rehabilitation works on these roads must be up to standard. On Saturday,

Minister Edghill added that the contractors beyond their deadlines will be given a one-week grace period to complete works, after which liquidated damages will be applied.

Minister Edghill met with contractors and discussed the progress of several rehabilitation works on various roads in Linden Tags:

He said, “We have to get this work done. We have tried over and over to help contractors to be productive and efficient.”

He also reminded them of their contractual obligations and outlined that an expedited process should be underway or completed by December 31.

“Let’s get it done this year,” the minister urged. “Even if you have a contractual time limit into next year, work towards getting it done before the year is out. We are trying to award 1200 new roads between now and the end of the year, and we don’t have enough contractors.”

He also stated that he will be conducting a whirlwind of inspections on all ongoing projects within the region, to pay close attention to the progress being made.

Some $800M was expended for the infrastructural works in the following areas:

Lot 200: Construction/Rehabilitation of Moblissa Main Road, Moblissa

Lot 201: Construction/Rehabilitation of Block 22 Main Access Road, Phase 2, Wisroc

Lot 202: Construction/Rehabilitation of Bonus Street, Amelia’s Ward

Lot 203: Construction/Rehabilitation of Canvas City Back Road, Canvas City

Lot 204: Construction/Rehabilitation of City Gates Street, Amelia’s Ward

Lot 205: Construction/Rehabilitation of Pompey Street, Christiansburg

Lot 206: Construction/Rehabilitation of Rasville Road Network, Wismar

Lot 207: Construction/Rehabilitation of 4th Corner, Amelia’s Ward

Lot 208: Construction/Rehabilitation of Water Lily Road, Wismar

Lot 209: Construction/Rehabilitation of 1st Cross Street, Silver Town, Wismar

Lot 210: Construction/Rehabilitation of 2nd Alley, Wismar

Lot 211: Construction/Rehabilitation of 3rd Alley, Wismar

Lot 212: Construction/Rehabilitation of Buckhill Side Road, Wismar

Lot 213: Construction/Rehabilitation of Wismarhill Access Road, Wismar

Lot 214: Construction/Rehabilitation of Water Treatment Plant Road, Wisroc

Lot 215: Construction/Rehabilitation of Old Kara Kara Road

Lot 216: Construction/Rehabilitation of School Circle Road, Kara Kara

Lot 217: Construction/Rehabilitation of Mathew Lane, Christiansburg

Lot 218: Construction/Rehabilitation of Self-Help Road, Amelia’s Ward

Lot 219: Construction/Rehabilitation of 4th Corner Lover’s Lane, Central Amelia’s Ward

Lot 220: Construction/Rehabilitation of Industrial Area Road, Mackenzie

Lot 221: Construction/Rehabilitation of Toucan drive

Lot 222: Construction/Rehabilitation of Spykeland Main Road, Lower Kara Kara

Lot 223: Construction/Rehabilitation of Internal Road Kwakwani

Lot 248: Rehabilitation/Construction of Speightland Back Road, Lower Amelia’s Ward, Linden

The minister was accompanied by Chief Engineer, Ron Rahaman, and Hinterland Engineer, Jeffrey Walcott.


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