MoM gifts 68-year-old woman new home

The life of 68-year-old Famida Kumar from Diamond, East Bank Demerara, has been transformed after receiving the key to a brand-new home last Saturday.

This was made possible through the Men on Mission (MoM) initiative, spearheaded by President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali.

Minister of Natural Resources, Vickram Bharrat

Kumar, originally from the Grove squatting area, had relocated to Bagotstown and applied for a house lot 15 years ago.

Financial challenges prevented her from building a proper home, but her hope of owning a house remained alive. She subsequently reached out to MoM for assistance in constructing a home.

“I felt as though the world was ending for me. I had given up. But by the grace of God, the Men on Mission stood up for me…I couldn’t believe it. I was not well and then I got strong. I am very happy,” Kumar expressed while reflecting on her journey.

Her 33-year-old son will be living with her in the new home. To support herself, she runs a small business.

Present at the handing-over ceremony, Minister of Natural Resources, Vickram Bharrat, emphasised that the ‘One Guyana’ platform is about more than unity; it aims to ensure that economic development and prosperity benefit every Guyanese.

“We know that our country is developing at a rapid pace and we want everyone to be a part of this development process…And that is what our government has been doing since we took office in August 2020,” he stressed.

Recipient, Famida Kumar happy to have her new home

Over the past four years, the government has been aggressively working to provide housing solutions and promote homeownership.

“She [Ms Kumar] is now in a better position, especially with the help from the Men on Mission. There is no greater achievement in one’s life than having their own home,” Minister Bharrat highlighted.

Although assisting with home construction, the Men on Mission initiative focuses on mentoring youths, particularly the vulnerable.

Minister Bharrat commended the private sector for partnering with the government and MoM on such initiatives. This marks the sixth house handed over by MoM in 2024.

The Men on Mission programme has significantly evolved over the years, assisting the less fortunate in society.

MoM’s representative, Dr Daniel Josh Kanhai, and several representatives from the Grove/Diamond Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) were among those present at the event.