More job opportunities to become available for Amerindian youths

The Ministry of Public Service has been tasked with identifying vacancies in schools across hinterland regions, to hire and train qualified young people within the area to fill the positions.

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali gave the instruction Friday afternoon, during the closing ceremony of the National Toshaos Council (NTC) Conference, at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre (ACCC).

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali greets Amerindian leaders after the five-day NTC Conference at ACCC

“Any young person with the required subjects to teach in the schools in the hinterland, I instructed that we move immediately once they’re interested in joining the teaching profession that they move immediately as trainee teachers and be brought on by the government to provide the training for them, and they must be employed in the communities as a priority,” the president noted.

He said his administration is working on an ambitious plan to develop an advanced information and communication technology (ICT) platform, to allow for virtual training to be delivered to teachers in these communities.

As intensive developments are taking place in the health sector, human resource in the nursing profession is needed and President Ali said anyone with the required qualifications will also be hired and trained.

The head of state added that the government will offer training to 150 persons from Amerindian communities in the area of agriculture and food security, while a unit will be established to deal with hinterland food security and production.

To further empower Amerindians through training and employment opportunities, the president announced plans to train youths in hospitality management, paving the way for more employment opportunities.

Persons will also benefit from a recruitment drive that is geared towards assisting Amerindian youths to work with internationally branded hotels locally, as a result of the burgeoning tourism industry.

‘These are the innovative ways in which we’ll bring real transformation in your lives, and your communities and create a whole new future for the young people of your communities,”
President Ali expressed.

Meanwhile, families in these areas will benefit from 2,000 black tanks that are expected to be procured before the end of the year. These are all measures geared towards improving and advancing the livelihoods of the Amerindian population.