No more flooding for Parika Backdam

―Main Drainage Canal excavated at a cost of $11M

―farmers welcome relief from flooding

―last excavation done 20 years ago

DPI, Guyana, Monday, March 18, 2019

The residents and farmers of the Parika Backdam and its environs are benefiting as the administration of Region Three, Essequibo Islands-West Demerara honoured a commitment to excavating the Parika Backdam Main Drainage Canal.

Late last year a delegation comprising of farmers and residents from Parika Backdam visited the office of the Regional Executive Officer and requested that the clogged Main Drainage Canal be cleared since it led to flooding and difficulty transporting their produce.

The project which saw the entire five miles of canal excavated was executed at a cost of $11Million. According to Regional Executive Officer (REO) Jennifer Ferreira-Dougall, the work was considered a priority because farmers and residents were directly affected.

“We as Government officers are servants of the people and if our people, in this case, farmers and residents of Parika Backdam are affected then we must use our good offices to bring relief to our people. This work was considered a priority because their means of earning an honest dollar was hindered,” Ferreira-Dougall remarked.

Arune Ramjit, a farmer who plants acres of cash crops welcomed the work and congratulated the administration for sticking to the promise.

“This is excellent. I was one of the members that went to the office …. because it is over 20 years this trench wasn’t cleaned. Since 2006 I can remember we were running to have this trench cleaned and steady we hearing next year. We fight for this trench to be cleaned in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 till we get fed-up. This government shock me, I must be honest. I never expected for the trench to be cleaned after just one visit to the new government office,” said Arune Ramjit.

Another farmer, Prem Ramnauth who lives in the community and, also plants cash crops told the Department of Public Information that flooding will no longer affect the community.

“Before as soon as the rain set up we flood out. Sometimes our crops are severely threatened but with this progress and development, we will definitely be better off. We don’t have to worry about the flooding of our homes nor farmlands anymore,” Ramnauth said.

The excavation work was completed on March 15, and according to REO Ferreira-Dougall the Ruby Main Drainage Canal which is linked to the Parika Backdam Main Drainage Canal was excavated last year at a similar cost.

Story and Images: Ganesh Mahipaul.