North Rupununi to become commercial hub – Min. Bharrat

Natural Resources Minister, Vickram Bharrat, has said based on the current trajectory of Guyana’s development, the north Rupununi is set to become a commercial hub in Region nine.

The minister was at the time speaking during an engagement with residents of Annai, Region nine, on Thursday.

Natural Resources Minister, Vickram Bharrat

The minister urged residents to strive to preserve Guyana’s rich heritage, culture and traditions, in maintaining our identity amidst the large-scale infrastructural and other development taking place.

He reminded that the Linden to Mabura Hill Highway, which is already under construction, is set to bring major economic opportunities for persons living in Region Nine.

“That spells significant opportunities for Region Nine and for the people of Region Nine. Most of the traffic coming from Brazil will flow through here, going into Linden and to Georgetown. We need to prepare and equip ourselves for this development.”

Additionally, the minister said these developmental waves will have a ripple effect, resonating in sectors such as education and health.

To this end, he assured that a secondary school for South Pakaraima is set to be constructed soon, bringing improved access to education for the children there.

He noted that the preservation of our forests, and developing our natural resources are key to ensuring sustainable development, and commended the instrumental role that the indigenous communities play in this regard.

“We need to ensure that we provide world-class healthcare, education and infrastructure for our people. In order to do that, we have to ensure that we exploit and develop our natural resources in a sustainable and responsible way, while ensuring that our environmental credentials are intact.

“We’re ensuring, through the Low Carbon Development Strategy that our forests are preserved while we maintain a sustainable path towards development,” the natural resources minister noted.

Meanwhile, United Kingdom’s Minister of State with responsibility for Overseas Territories, the Commonwealth, Energy, Climate and Environment, Zac Goldsmith, highlighted that, in recognising the impact of climate change, it is crucial to source the root of the problem, which he clarified is the treatment of our natural resources, and that the key to addressing climate change is by repairing this relationship.

He urged the residents to continue along this path of preservation, as Guyana serves as a model for the rest of the world in forest conservation.

Further, Lord Goldsmith added that the primary aim of his visit is to explore opportunities to strengthen the relationship between Guyana and the UK.

British High Commissioner, Her Excellency Jane Miller, reaffirmed her dedication to engaging Guyanese and finding ways to strengthen the bilateral relationship between Guyana and the UK for the betterment of all.

Concluding his visit to the community, Minister Bharrat also handed over educational paraphernalia to the students of the Bina Hill Institute.