Preparedness for the Rainy Season in Region 2

Story by Farouk Basir

DPI, Guyana, Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The rainy season is upon us and being prepared is crucial.

Region 2 has embarked on mitigating the risk that comes with the ‘bucketing down’ season.

On Monday afternoon, a team of officials visited the critical drainage and pumping stations along the Coast to assess their readiness to pump water in the time of need.

These officials were Regional Executive Officer, Denis Jaikaran, Regional Engineer, Kawan Suchit, National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) Engineer, Nanram Narine and Sea Defence Engineer, Saeed Mohammed. The areas visited included Lima, Anna Regina, Three Friends and Capoey.

At these locations, the pumps were turned on to check their readiness for a quick response. The engineers noted that all the drainage pumps are ready at a moment’s notice to be turned on to drain the waters off the land and that all engines were serviced and checked in preparation for the inevitable season.

To improve the drainage system in this region, the NDIA has commenced the construction of a pumping station at the Walton Hall outfall to service drainage from Devonshire Castle, Walton Hall, Paradise and Jibb.

Moreover, at Hampton Court’s triple koker, the construction of another pumping station will commence later in the year. This new pump will cater to this community and its southern neighbours – Windsor Castle and Sparta.

REO Jaikaran is happy with the preparedness of the two agencies and pledged his full support to have a ready drainage system. He is also calling on the residents to clear their kokers in front of their homes to ensure that water can flow freely, thus mitigating floods.

Also, across the Coast, the NDIA and the Regional Administration are cleaning drainage and Irrigation canals manually and by long boom excavators. In the housing areas, there are four mini excavators provided by the NDIA to clean and clear the waterways.

Director-General of Civil Defence Commission (CDC), Lieutenant Colonel Kester Craig, in a Facebook post, also endorsed such practices throughout Guyana. He wrote “Mitigation and preparedness are key to reduce the impact of emergencies and disasters. I urge all Regions and communities to be vigilant and proactive.”

Image: Farouk Basir.